Iranian Affiliated Company Traction

Digimart’s CTO runs a similar startups in Iran. Divar is operated by Bensaco. This startup is basically a platform that facilitates selling used digital and electronic gadgets and appliances as well as various other items with images are captured based on 2Dimensional.
In year 1 and amid COVID outbreak, the company didn’t have a substantial outcome; however, starting 2021 the platform has started bearing a great level of success and been generating decent revenue.
Our Vision
Digimart is a similar platform to his Iranian startup that features the 3dimensional images of the products and wide variety of secondhand items (with mint conditions and preferably receipt of purchase or certificate), especially Small electronic gadgets and Smart phones, including cameras, smart watches, tablets, laptops, and etc.

People First

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Our Leadership

Farshad Zandi

Amir Khodakhah

Seyedali Farvid

Babak Farhangi